To invest or not to invest?

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices look rather attractive, let alone the prospect and profit they promise. This fact can’t be ignored. Those are not the only cryptocurrencies, but they are most popular, hence most trusted by investors. Andwho wouldn’t trust a coin, which steals all the headlines? Hard to believe, but there are other cryptocurrencies out there, be sure of that. Yes, they may be less famous, but they are just as good and can bring profit. Such cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA and many others.

Yes, digital currency is convenient and decentralized. But they also have a range of disadvantages.For instance, cryptocurrencies are not widely accepted. Only a couple of countries have moved towards the crypto adoption. The rest remain with fiat. Even though the number of businesses accepting crypto is growing each day, that is not enough yet. The privacy granted by cryptocurrency may be used by criminals because of its decentralized nature. Cryptocurrency can be lost, strange but true. Since crypto is stored on your hard drive, it can be erased in case if the hard drive gets corrupted.

Anyway, despite all disadvantages, crypto is a profitable business. Anyone with sufficient experience and knowledge should try their luck at least once. And the best place to do it is Binapex crypto exchange. This platform offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency for trading, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are available for margin trading also. To ensure the security of your coins, Binapex uses two-factor authentication. Thus, your assets are professionally secured.

We insist that you do your own research before making investment decisions!

Cryptocurrency Statistics 2017 – A Complete Summary

Bitcoins and Ethereum are not just the trendsetters, ushering in the wave of cryptocurrencies which are built on a decentralized blockchain technology and is becoming the ever-growing legion in the market of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency takes the form of coins and tokens. The terms coins and tokens are often used interchangeably however there is quite a few distinct difference between the two.

While crypto coins are operated on its own peer to peer network and not dependent on any platform and generally used in the form of payment, apparently, crypto tokens are basically used to represent digital assets which are tradeable right from commodities to voting rights.

The major advantage of cryptocurrencies are, they don’t have any centralized regulating authority, so the money can be transferred without the intermediation from the bank. The latest crypto coin news has revealed the statistics of cryptocurrencies. The report shows some of the interesting information like the

Prices of the leading cryptocurrencies

The market capitalization of the trending bitcoins and Ethereum tokens

And many more.

If you want to know the latest news on Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency, you have to stay updated with Ether coin news.

Get to know all the best rated ICO

ICO price tracker features the list of active and upcoming ICO projects. They offer the real-time value of the crypto platforms. These projects essentially support Blockchain. The revolutionary projects aim towards changing the conventional ways of the world. Some of these trackers provide full review and details of the new listed projects.  Continue reading Get to know all the best rated ICO

Information on the up and coming cryptocurrency

Investors need to ensure that the ICO they are investing in will give good returns. There are several factors to analyze before deciding to invest in any ICO. The ICO should have a proper marketing campaign which gathers a great deal of attention. They should have a white paper which describes all the legal details. It should also mention about the goals of the project and how it will map out its developmental process. Continue reading Information on the up and coming cryptocurrency

Best ICO to Invest in 2018

Well if you are looking to invest in the best ICOs in 2018. Then investing into a cryptocurrency and buying tokens in ICO can be the most lucrative to purchase. HashGains is one of the worthy investing where it aims to develop their sectors, from cryptocurrency mining to an actual virtual reality and tokens. Continue reading Best ICO to Invest in 2018

Basic Attention token ICO

BAT helps in improving the capability of digital advertising. They do it by creating a new cryptocurrencyto exchange in the platform. This isbetween publishers and advertisers with the users.The value of the cryptocurrencyis based on user’s thoughtfulness, which simply means a person’s focused engagement. Continue reading Basic Attention token ICO

Best Crypto ICOs for buying or investment

Gradually, bitcoins and altcoins are receiving attention in the following years. It is definitely due to these cryptocurrencies which are proving themselves to be a safe and they have been the best in the cryptocurrency exchange list. Due to high user demand and for the base, many exchanges platforms have closed their new registrations. Continue reading Best Crypto ICOs for buying or investment

The Crypto ICO watch of upcoming Cryptocurrency

In the growing digital cryptocurrency world, there are like various ICO that is being launched every month and there is a huge demand to invest ICO throughout the internet. For example, the bitcoin price is growing. As the involvement, ICOs are inspired by standard initial public offering, although they are very different. Continue reading The Crypto ICO watch of upcoming Cryptocurrency