Digitalized world and so the currency

In the present scenario where the world is digitalized similarly the currencies have also been converted into digitized value containing the same property of the physical currency which helps in limitless transfer of ownership and instant transaction. Digital currency ICO have helped businesses grow in a manner that is rapid than the usage of the physical currency as the companies a now divided into stakes owned by potential investors and speculators. The business world works in a dynamic environment and a physical transaction is impossible in a suchan environment and hence the crypto currencies have made it easier to keep track of the increase and decrease in the earnings and the profit and losses of the firm as well.

Blockchain then started by the bitcoins were secure but trustless and one wouldn’t know how to invest in blockchains but surely can learn how to invest in crypto currencies that use blockchains. A data once recorded in the blockchain cannot be modified. The blockchains had come up even before the bitcoins I the year 2008 by santoshiNakamoto. Other uses of blockchain are:

Insurance industry availed with new distribution system

Online voting

Data on sales can be compiled in transparent ledger

Payment of digital user can be tracked

Involves collaborative peer

But ICO token on the other hand ran independent as the crypto currency issued were in the form of token and one never had to go through blockchain to issue ICO token. These tokens are the gateways for carrying out the actual transaction . the money a person has is measured through the token.

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