Cryptocurrency Statistics 2017 – A Complete Summary

Bitcoins and Ethereum are not just the trendsetters, ushering in the wave of cryptocurrencies which are built on a decentralized blockchain technology and is becoming the ever-growing legion in the market of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency takes the form of coins and tokens. The terms coins and tokens are often used interchangeably however there is quite a few distinct difference between the two.

While crypto coins are operated on its own peer to peer network and not dependent on any platform and generally used in the form of payment, apparently, crypto tokens are basically used to represent digital assets which are tradeable right from commodities to voting rights.

The major advantage of cryptocurrencies are, they don’t have any centralized regulating authority, so the money can be transferred without the intermediation from the bank. The latest crypto coin news has revealed the statistics of cryptocurrencies. The report shows some of the interesting information like the

Prices of the leading cryptocurrencies

The market capitalization of the trending bitcoins and Ethereum tokens

And many more.

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