Information on the up and coming cryptocurrency

Investors need to ensure that the ICO they are investing in will give good returns. There are several factors to analyze before deciding to invest in any ICO. The ICO should have a proper marketing campaign which gathers a great deal of attention. They should have a white paper which describes all the legal details. It should also mention about the goals of the project and how it will map out its developmental process. Continue reading Information on the up and coming cryptocurrency

Basic Attention token ICO

BAT helps in improving the capability of digital advertising. They do it by creating a new cryptocurrencyto exchange in the platform. This isbetween publishers and advertisers with the users.The value of the cryptocurrencyis based on user’s thoughtfulness, which simply means a person’s focused engagement. Continue reading Basic Attention token ICO

Best Crypto ICOs for buying or investment

Gradually, bitcoins and altcoins are receiving attention in the following years. It is definitely due to these cryptocurrencies which are proving themselves to be a safe and they have been the best in the cryptocurrency exchange list. Due to high user demand and for the base, many exchanges platforms have closed their new registrations. Continue reading Best Crypto ICOs for buying or investment



Acting as a medium of exchange, Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency.. It is fully secured and a safe way of conducting transactions by the investors. Since the cryptocurrencies market demand is increasing therefore its market is not stable and keeps on changing on the basis of which cryptocurrency is the better. Continue reading COIN CURRENCY NEWS