Acting as a medium of exchange, Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency.. It is fully secured and a safe way of conducting transactions by the investors. Since the cryptocurrencies market demand is increasing therefore its market is not stable and keeps on changing on the basis of which cryptocurrency is the better. Continue reading COIN CURRENCY NEWS

ICO Index

Icoindex is a website that provides comprehensive information about icos weekly and provides necessary information about ongoing, upcoming icos. ICO index also support security and authenticity of the ico listings and has a page for suspicious and scam icos on the market to provide its user base with information that can help the steer clear from such fraud. Continue reading ICO Index

Digitalized world and so the currency

In the present scenario where the world is digitalized similarly the currencies have also been converted into digitized value containing the same property of the physical currency which helps in limitless transfer of ownership and instant transaction. Continue reading Digitalized world and so the currency

Ethereum based ICOs

LNK – Ethereum Link ICO is one of many developing stages for associating customary markets and organizations with cutting-edge technology and new age digital money, smart contracts and the large spectrum of devices the Ethereum stage brings to the table. Continue reading Ethereum based ICOs